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At Basic Steps Mental Health, our CARING and LOVING staff empower clients by teaching them how to be counselors to themselves, which helps people long term.

We are EXPERIENCED with long-standing academic and professional careers in clinical and spiritual psychology. Our staff treats the underlyi...

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Basic Steps Mental Health is hosting a FREE 3-hour heart-centered living workshop, with our clinical psychologist Dr. Scott Alpert. The workshop will focus on the spirituality of loving ourselves and others. To register or learn more please visit:

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How many problems of yours happen over and over again? Befriend the addiction, talk with it, learn from it, and in doing so let it go. Your soul benefits in the process! New Trends in Addiction Treatment is a recent article by our clinical director Dr. Scott Alpert to help those suffering from ad...

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Do you know that only 10-percent of all treatment centers offer “alternative 12 step” programs that are based on scientific evidence of the most effective recovery therapies? Basic Steps Mental Health's alternative 12 step program offers the latest treatment for all types of drug & alcohol addict...

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After 25 years in this field, it is apparent that interventions don’t always work. People are unique and finding out what works for one person but doesn’t work for another is a major daily endeavor that makes therapy a fascinating endeavor. The common denominator is – people just want to feel goo...

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Our IndividualTherapy sessions provided at Basic Steps Mental Health target the unresolved core issues that keep a person from living life to the fullest. However, many people who lack the time or finances for our comprehensive programs and instead attend these individual sessions. Learn more HER...

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For those suffering, don’t be afraid to speak and seek advice. See a professional, they are there to help. You’re not alone, and there are plenty of us suffering, open up, and get on that road to recovery - sooner rather than later...!!!

To support #mentalhealthawareness, please share this messa...

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Basic Steps Mental Health is providing a free workshop that is limited to twenty people - so please sign up early. You will
learn a Psychological approach to address Addiction at its root.

- Learning from Addiction
- Creating Positive
- Addictions
- Addressing the Root
- Psychological Too...

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Do you know that Anxiety and Depression are the most common type of mental health problem (affecting nearly 40 million adults in the United States alone), most people who suffer never receive treatment. Why suffer needlessly? Basic Steps Mental Health offers state-of-the-art evidence-based treatm...

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  • Individual Therapy

    Our Individual Therapy sessions provided at Basic Steps Mental Health target the unresolved core issues that keep a person from living life to the fullest. However, many people who lack the time or finances for our comprehensive programs and instead attend individual sessions. In these sessions, we step you through our progression of healing at a slower, but effective pace.
  • Family Therapy

    You are not the only one suffering. Often the entire family system is sick and in need of repair. As one person works on bettering themselves, it often causes a strain on the family as a whole.Every Saturday families are invited to take part in family therapy to work on creating new patterns of communication and functioning. These sessions are non- confrontational, informative, and allows people the format for honest communication and problem resolution. When appropriate, therapeutic games are played to break the ice and show people that treatment can also be fun. Still, families are educated on the tools provided in the program in order to create a common language between family members.
  • Anxiety Treatment

    Basic Steps Mental Health offers state-of-the-art evidence-based treatment for adults with the entire spectrum of anxiety and related disorders. Although anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental health problem (affecting nearly 40 million adults in the United States alone), most people who suffer from anxiety do not receive treatment. Of those who do, many do not receive the treatments that have been proven to be the most effective.
  • Depression Treatment

    In treating emotional problems, a person needs to use emotional tools. We simply can’t think our way out of emotional trauma. At the heart of depression are unresolved issues that need to be talked to, listened to, and cared for. Ride a current emotional wound back in time to the first time you remember feeling this way, here lays the core of your problem. Let us show you the tools to address this initial wound with gentleness and care in an attempt to heal out everything similar you have experienced in your life. Depression treatment brings you on an adventure and we are there with you every step of the way. Trauma care is the strength of the Basic Steps Mental Health approach. Our commitment is helping you master this process on paper so you can continue to do so well after treatment is over.
  • Alcohol Treatment

    Alcohol is a drug and can be addictive with continued use. Alcohol remains the number one drug of choice for all age groups and is often combined with other drugs. Alcohol use disorders involve the inability to manage drinking habits. These types of disorders can be either mild, moderate, and severe. Each category has various symptoms and can cause harmful side effects. If left untreated, any type of alcohol use can spiral out of control. Getting to the root of an addictive habit is our aim at Basic Steps Mental Health. Since addiction wrecks havoc on a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we treat each of these dimensions to give a person the best odds for problem resolution. Addiction is simply a habit that becomes hard-wired into the brain. It becomes automatic and in order to change the wiring special tools are taught in order to do just that.
  • Opiod Treatment

    Opioid Treatment using an Alternative approach to the 12 Steps is unique in the Northwest. Basic Steps treatment goes beyond the four week program because relapse rates throughout the industry hover around 60% in the first year of recovery. Therefore our Participants are provided with FREE Aftercare consisting of two 1 1/2 hour groups a week for as long as they desire.
  • One Day Workshops

    Basic Steps Mental Health Workshop series provides people with cutting-edge psychological methods. The blend of Clinical Psychology and Spirituality is new and vibrant! Our workshops focus on how to move past the obstacles in your life to achieve your dreams. The training was developed in 1994 and has had a few face-lifts to its present format. Get ready to involve yourself in a fun-filled activity that you will inspire you.
  • Alternative To 12 Steps

    Treatment is not an event, but an ongoing endeavor and Basic Steps Mental Health is committed to being there for you every step of the way. You are taught a variety of evidence-based Psychological approaches that are practiced and perfected. Participants begin and end treatment together which helps you avoid the distractions of people entering or leaving the facility. We help people tap into their innate power to heal the problems that may have been there for years! By treatment end, participants are able to master our “Self-Counseling” method!


3 weeks ago
The spiritual psychology approach is one that encompasses the whole person and is aimed at healing the primary wounds that often keep us in a cycle of mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that are both painful and keep us from our joy. Dr. Scott is a great person and will help you to do a deep dive into the core problems so that you can begin to heal them and live your life as your authentic self.
- Dr. B
11 months ago
Basic Steps Mental Health walked alongside my family member's journey towards mental wellness with a compassionate and extremely personalized approach. When we first began seeking the right therapy, we were astounded at the lack of resources available for his situation. Dr. Scott and his team definitely work from a person-centered perspective, accepting my loved one right where he was at so he could accept himself and begin the real process of change. Thank you for being that non-traditional and authentic voice and for all the loving care you have breathed into our lives.
- Christina S
7 months ago
Treatment the way it should be! Treated with respect. Treated with compassion. Treated with unconditionallly loving support. I encourage you all to undergo the metamorphosis that will it occur when you whole heartedly commit to this program of love -based recovery.
- Tina W


We are a non-12 Step program that treats both substance addiction and mood disorders. Our four week Intensive Outpatient program teaches the fundamentals of Clinical Psychology blended with Spirituality. This Spiritual Psychology has been presented since 1994 by Dr Scott Alpert an Author, lecturer, a radio personality, and a crisis therapist who has treated over 7,000 people! Call (425) 588-8438 for a free one hour sit down with Dr. Scott to discuss your options for treatment.

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